Watson & Band General Manager Hua Xiao and Managing Partner Frank Qian Deliver Lectures on Big Data at JETRO’s Shanghai Office
Mon Aug 06 17:27:00 CST 2018 Published by:Editor

On the afternoon of July 26th, Watson & Band’s General Manager, Hua Xiao, and Watson & Band’s Managing Partner, Frank Qian, went to JETRO’s Shanghai Office and delivered lectures on Big Data there. 

First of all, Watson & Band’s Managing Partner, Frank Qian shared his thoughts on IoT big data and artificial intelligence from the perspectives of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law and the Anti-Monopoly Law. Starting from a real case, Mr. Qian introduced the protection for big data under the anti-unfair competition and the anti-monopoly perspectives, as well as the particularity of big data as a type of protection targets. Mr. Qian also reminded the attendees of some key issues to note in the application of big data, along with the importance of risk control for internal data.


Then Mr. Qian communicated with the attendees regarding their routine operations, and proposed professional opinions and suggestions concerning the problems and confusions arising from the business operations.

In the second lecture, Watson & Band’s General Manager, Hua Xiao shared his views on the protection for patents in the era of big data. Mr. Xiao fist elaborated on the current situation of application, examination and enforcement for patents related to big data and/or artificial intelligence. Then he cited some cases and legal provisions to clearly show the features of protection for patents in the era of big data, introduced some strategies for patent applications in that specific field, and provided professional pertinent advice for the attendees.

Finally, Mr. Xiao interacted with the attendees and answered their questions encountered in routine operations.

Through these lectures, JETRO and Watson & Band shared and exchanged experience and perfectly combined judicial and corporate practices. The lectures were successfully hosted as they were well-received and praised among the attendees.


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