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Typical IP Cases of Watson & Band 2017
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1. XX COMPANY v. SNSPNEUMATIC, re Infringement of an Invention Patent

2. JUKI v. Yingong, re Infringement of an Invention Patent

3. Administrative Litigation Case re “a Barcode Reading Device with Global

Electronics Shutter Control”

4. Patent Invalidation Case re “Preparation Method for Glucose Injection into Inner

Bag of Multi-Chamber Infusion Bag”

5. Patent Invalidation Case re “a Power Socket with Rotating Electric Shock

Protection Device”

6. Invention Patent Invalidation Case re “a Steam Generating Pad”

7. Patent Invalidation Case re a “Soluble Bead Toy”

8. Patent Invalidation Case re “a Ferrule Type Fitting”


9. Injunctive Relief Case for a World Renowned Clothing Brand

10. “Company X” vs. KLT, re an Internet Infringement Liability Dispute

11. Administrative Complaint of Trademark Infringement Involving a Well-known

Automobile Film Brand

[Copyright & Unfair Competition]

12. Unfair Competition Dispute re “a Bar Code”

13. Copyright Infringement and Unfair Competition Dispute re “Wind

Information Financial Data Terminal”

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